Special Psychological Treatment (Psychic Surgery)

Anybody who has the followings problems needs this treatment :

1. Childhood problems
2. Relationship problems like broken heart, frequent disappointments in love, hatred for parents etc.
3. Thinking negatively most of the time.
4. Not achieving in life what you want.
5. Nightmares
6. Fear or phobia
6. Severe depression
7. Extreme of anger, hatred & jealousy

To remove all the above abnormalities, the following 3 treatments are given :

1st treatment : 3 hours
2nd treatment : 2 - 2:30 hours
3rd treatment : 1:30 to 2 hours

We guarantee 70% of successful healing in 5 days and 30% after followup meditation for 11 months.

You are not supposed to have any type of contact with anyone. You have to stay alone in the room and you will have to do only as per the instruction of the healer. Commitment to follow the instructions in honestly is needed for the successful results of the treatment.

After the treatment one has to do one meditation taught for ten minutes daily for 11 months.

They are suppose to receive distant divine healing daily at their place on the specified time for effective results.


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